Onward To The East!

Dear friends! I hope you are doing well! It’s been great to catch up with a few of you in these last two weeks back here in Colorado Springs. My time back in CO has been amazing, but also very full! because I have a pretty quick turn around as I prepare for next month. My schedule is slowing down a bit, so I have been able to give myself more fully to prayer and waiting on God, specifically for the scouting trip I’m taking to the Middle East in a couple weeks. 

     I haven’t yet shared much of this part of my heart on here, but God began highlighting the Middle East to me in the end of 2012 when my friend shared some incredible stories of God was doing in the region. Ever since that time, I have had a conviction and a burning in my heart to live and lay down my life for the gospel there in the Middle East. Last year, I began pursuing this stirring in my heart much more, and God used these last six months in Brazil as a powerful catalyst for this stirring to become action. During the missions school we had in Fortaleza, a group of us with hearts burdened for the Middle East began meeting and praying together. From that birthed a commitment between about six or seven of us. We committed to follow God into that region and do whatever He says to do; no matter the cost, no matter the length of time. We long to spend the rest of our lives to full heartedly follow Him.

     As we prayed and fasted together, it became clear that the next step is to take a scouting/ vision trip to get our feet on the ground. We feel there are some amazing things God is speaking and putting on our hearts, but from the beginning, I have felt very strongly the verse that says “unless the Lord builds the house, we build in vain.” Great ideas are not enough. We desire a mandate breathed from the mouth of Father God; something we can pass through persecution for, or even die for, because of our certainty of what He has spoken. I believe we have pieces of this mandate already and that as we step out in faith, He will continue to speak and give us the rest. That is why four of us are taking this trip at the end of the month. I believe that as we spend time in these countries with seasoned missionaries and ministries, that Jesus is going to speak to us. My conviction and hope is that God can use a small group of people who are ready to lay down their lives and follow Him wherever He says, do whatever He speaks, and who do not love their own lives, even unto death. 

     Our desire is to go where no one else wants to go, or is willing to go, because we long for His return and desire that our life would shout that out. If you would like to know more or just how better to pray for and with us, please contact me! (I’ll put my info below) I’d love to chat! I want to believe God for what He desires to do in the Middle East. 

     Please also pray and ask God if He wants you to take part with us financially. God has already provided almost everything, praise Jesus! 🙂 We only need $1500 to able to cover visas, housing, and food for the month we are there. If God is putting it on your heart to join with us in this way, we would be very grateful! You can click on the support link on the top of this page and give through Iris ministries. Thanks!

Can’t wait to bring back stories of what God does!

Skype: hudsonlyons 

Email: Hudson.lyons@comcast.net


Missions School Update

Hey friends! Wow, so the last few months have been crazy full for me. Ever since I arrived here in Brasil, I haven’t had much time to slow down and process, but I’m getting that chance now 🙂 I love what God has done here these past few months and it’s been such a privilege to be taking part in what God’s doing here in Fortaleza!

We just finished our first missions school here and it was amazing! The month of February before the school all the staff and leaders prayed and prepared for the students to arrive. God was speaking and confronting us about the fear of the Lord and about His refiners fire. Many of us where being broken and prepared for what God wanted to pour out.

I honestly didn’t quite know what to expect the school to be like, but I was eager to see how God was going to show up! Our heart in all of this is to raise up missionary lovers of Jesus who will give absolutely everything to follow and love Him; people who will really go! Three months is an incredibly short time to do that! But as I met the students and got to know them, I saw their hunger for God, and it was so clear that God had hand picked each person and prepared them this time. He gave us a group of about twenty five young local Brazilians, others from UK, Australia, Germany, and USA.  They all became like family to me 🙂

I believe everyone grew massively during this time: students, staff, and the leaders alike. Living in close quarters with fifty other lovers of Jesus is bound to change a person. We were learning what it looks like to full heartedly follow Jesus and were catching the heartbeat of missions.  We were learning to give absolutely everything to love God and be loved by Him and then love others in response.

Many of them were making radical decisions like selling everything, leaving jobs, family, worldly possessions, because they were coming to know the true worth of Jesus. It was inspiring to see the way they were encountering God and a pleasure to seek His face by their sides. About ten of the students have stayed here in Fortaleza on the base doing a three-month internship, which essentially means they have become part of the team of full time missionaries here, now with more intentional training. There is another group praying and preparing to go to the Middle East. And others have returned to their home countries to continue spreading the fire God breathed into them!

I wish I could tell you all the stories! I’m majorly regretting not writing more often. It’s one of my goals to write more often, and with Holy Spirit’s help, it’s gunna happen! I hope this gives you a good picture of what the school was like. If you wanna know more or just catch up, shoot me an email and we can skype!

This week and next, we are restructuring everything at the base; the schedule, the leadership, and fixing up our base to hold the forty missionaries that live here! It’s been hectic for sure, but I’m excited for the new season here.

Thank you so much everyone of you that has been praying for me and supporting me financially! Your prayers have carried me and your generosity has supplied everything I have needed! I’m so blessed to share life with you guys.

Please pray for me as well. I have to make a lot of decisions this next month and I am waiting on Jesus for answers and direction regarding my next steps. He is always faithful to lead me, but I long to sensitive to His voice and surrendered to whatever He speaks! And please pray for simplicity as well. Simple devotion and love for Jesus, that I would be captivated by His love and beauty.

Love you guys!

Welcome 2015!

Hey Friends!

Have you ever come face to face with your own failure and shortcoming, so much so that you had no idea the way forward? I can tell you from experience, it’s not pretty. It honestly can be horribly shocking. At least for me it was. That is the backdrop of my last year in Colorado; and it’s in this setting that I’ve begun to experience the sweet reality of the Gospel in the depths of my being.

I love it and it I hate it at the same time. Haha! My dad often describes Jesus as rolling up His sleeves and wading straight into the mess I’ve made, not turning away or leaving me to fix myself. Instead, He digs His hands straight in and begins molding, shaping, and lovingly transforming me at the deepest level. He is not surprised by my junk. I think He actually expects it, and is eager to make me like Him. This is what I have experienced over and over these past ten months. In the middle of my overwhelming brokenness and shortcoming, Jesus comes close and lovingly begins transforming me when I would prefer to run away from Him and hide. I’ve never been more vulnerable or lost as to how to move forwards. So that’s the part I hate, but I’m learning to trust Father God deeply as I encounter Him in my rawness. He is truly changing me and that far outweighs any of the things I could try to avoid.

So here’s the here and now of my life. I’m really pumped because, Wednesday, January 21st, I’m flying back to Fortaleza, Brazil for another 6-month stint. It’s a couple months later than I had originally planned, but I’m so glad I’m actually going! The first month, I will jump right into doing outreaches into the interior of Brazil (it’s like the bush in Africa), searching for the unreached people and prepping for church planting. Also, all of February we will be preparing for a three month missions training school that starts in March. Our focus for the school is to raise up and equip youth in Brazil to go the hardest and darkest places where the gospel of the kingdom has not yet reached. God is raising up missionaries in Fortaleza who are truly ready to lay down their lives for Jesus and I feel very privileged to be a part of what He is doing in Brazil.

There is so much I don’t know going into this time, but I’m trying to be ready for a steep learning curve and whatever God has in store 🙂 I need your prayers so much; it would be a privilege to know you are standing with me. A couple things have been on my heart that you can pray for: one is that God would give me a burden and a hunger for the lost. I long to understand and be consumed by God’s desire for those far off. And please pray that I would overflow with the goodness and glory of Jesus in a way that draws people closer in to Him.

My living expenses are going to be about $450 a month while I’m in Fortaleza. I’m realizing more and more that it truly is God who provides for my needs. I’m really leaning in on that. So if God is asking you to be a part of what I’m doing in Brazil, please say yes to Him. It’s honestly a hard concept to me, but I’m beginning to understand that this blesses both you and me. I will put the link below where you can give through Iris Ministries.

Sorry this update was so long! :/ Thanks for reading. I love you guys and I’m glad to be doing life with you.



You can go to this address. When you checkout, just make sure that you put my name in the comment section and also put the name of the base (Hudson Lyons, Fortaleza) or else it won’t make it to me. Thanks!

Hey friends!

Isn’t it funny how life can be way easier to talk about in retrospect, when you have a bit of distance and can see clearly what was taking place?… Well, I’m not there yet. I’ve been back in Colorado since February and to be honest I’ve spent most of my time simply trying to cling to Father God and make sense of life. Haha sounds fun right? Im guessing you are familiar with the feeling though, cause these times seem pretty common. It tends to be where God presses and molds us most to become more like His Son. I think I’m beginning to grasp how precious and important each of these different seasons are.

For me, though being home has been difficult, it has also been such a gift. In the midst of working full time, I’ve loved growing in friendship with my siblings and parents as we seek God together. Also, My dad has taken time to invest in and disciple me during this season which has been an answer to prayer. My days here have been full of practical growth, making grown up choices and learning hard life lessons. I’ve done my best to hang on to God as He has led me to make some of the hardest decisions I’ve ever personally faced. Apart from this, it has been in the mundane of everyday life and work that I feel God challenging me the most to follow Him with radical wholeheartedness. Learning to stay in constant communion with Jesus throughout all aspects of life and how to live absolutely everything unto Him have been the overwhelming themes for me this season. I’m a pretty slow learner, but by His grace I’m catching on.

As to the next couple months, I will be working full time, saving money as I prepare to return to Fortaleza for another six months. I would like to move there more permanently, like a few years, but I haven’t been able to get the visa for that yet. This fall, Iris Fortaleza is starting outreaches into the interior of Brasil to still unreached groups and my plan is to join with them in that and learn as much as I can while I help. I’m viewing it as a step in he direction I’d like to go, because eventually I want to go to the parts of the Middle East that are still unreached. Growing with the Initiative team is also important to me for thus upcoming time since that is who I would like to go with in the future.

I’ve been meaning to write earlier, but this is the first time my mind has felt clear enough to write. Blogging can be quite an undertaking for me, because it forces me to process and digest all that God is leading me through. So thanks for reading : )

If God is moving you to pray with me, please pray for more simple devotion and fellowship with Jesus Christ Himself. He is my desire and I’m nothing without Him. I must meet with Him! Because everything, all the details and anything of real worth will come from that meeting place.

Psalm 73: 25-26

“whom have I in heaven but You? And besides You, i desire nothing on
earth. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever”

Ps. I’d love to hear from you and be praying for you as well! So feel free to email me or call or whatever you’d like.


Brazil and Beyond

Hey my friends! You know, I’m super grateful for all you who read these updates and keep in touch with me. Thank you so much for being a part of my life! I can’t imagine what this journey would be like without friends like you covering me in prayer and just being my friends. You’ve blessed me more than you realize! Here’s a little catch up on my journey.

I’m back in Colorado! Reunited with my amazing family and friends. It’s shocking how polar opposite Colorado Springs is to Fortaleza, it had me staggering for the first few days after arriving here. I’ve had some time to regain my bearings and reflect on my time in Brazil. I arrived there hoping to have a time of training and preparation that would be my launching point into full time missions. My heart was burning with a dream to know, love, and glorify God with absolutely everything. God began to show me the price I will pay to live this reality and what it really means to live for His dreams and desires. I said yes and laid down my life again. 

Slowly, God has begun to show me pieces of how to live out what He placed in my heart. A few pieces I feel He has solidified, are that my life will be poured out to reached the unreached, that I am going to lose my life for the sake of the gospel, and that my first and highest calling before anything is to be His, and to love Him with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. Praise Jesus that I am absolutely nothing without Him!

My heart is full of excitement and lots of wonder at what’s to come, though it pangs to be so far from my beloved Brazilian family. They are my favorite people in the whole world and I miss them a lot, but I’m expecting these next six months to fly by. My plan is to return to Brazil as soon as my visa allows. A rough draft plan for this time is to work part time and be doing lots of research, reading, praying and whatever else I can do to ready myself for going to the unreached. There are many other practical things I need to do and lots I wanna see God do during this time, but I’m taking it one at a time 🙂

In the fall, I will return to Fortaleza, where I hope will be my future home base. Recently, I joined Iris Ministries as a long term missionary and I committed to a small group of amazing missionaries called the Mathew 24 Initiative (m24initiative). I’ll talk about them soon in the next post! They are leaving the 24th of this month to the mountains of Nepal to go preach the gospel to those still unreached there. And currently in Fortaleza they are about to begin outreaches to the interior of Brazil to plant churches among the unreached. I hope to arrive in Brazil around the same time the as Nepal team returns. We will regroup there at the Iris base and the plan is to start outreaches to Brazil’s interior! Please pray that God would completely overshadow me with His presence, that He would fill me with His love for the lost and that He would have His way in and through my life! 

Thank you! I love you guys!

Eternity in Our Eyes

I arrived here in Fortaleza with the purpose of getting trained and equipped to go straight into full time missions. In the process of this time, I have been thoroughly stripped of everything I thought I knew. Completing the great commission and seeing the Bride made ready for His return is not the point. My vision is beginning to get clearer. It is ALL a means to an end; loving, knowing, and glorifying God. I long to know and lay down my life for that which God desires and dreams of. I have given myself to understanding His heart so I can fully give my life and be on the forefront of what He is doing in the earth. We are racing towards eternity and i don’t wanna waste the one life He gave me. I know I understand very little and that I’m just a minuscule piece in a massive story, but I have been gripped to the core and am utterly destroyed, I must give everything for I have beheld the Truth.

As I’ve been searching and asking for understanding from Him, I’ve been seeing God’s desire for a bride; spotless, complete, holy and blameless raised from every nation, tribe, and tongue, from the darkest, the most broken, the worst imaginable places and people. He died for them and He will have the reward of His suffering. He is coming and I want to be on the front lines. I want to see the Church being brought into her fullness and to see the harvest brought in from all those still unreached. I’m pressing in and asking God what these things look like as manifest reality in my life. Talking about these ideas is easy, but I’m ready to give everything as I discover with each step how to live them out. May His grace rest on us for this!

This February, we get to send out a team of six amazing missionaries to Nepal with the focus of reaching the unreached. They will be prayed for and sent out from an Iris conference in São Paulo this January.  The conference is specifically focused on raising up and sending out the Brazilian bride to the unreached. I believe it will be a critical time for what God is doing in Brazil and in the earth. I am praying seriously about joining this group going to Nepal. I don’t know if It will be before they go to Nepal or later on, but my heart is with this family. I will share about them and what they’re doing in a later post. The group is called the Initiative and it’s something I personally have never seen before.

I have one short month left here and have many decisions to make. I’m so excited for the future! Yet the unknown ahead makes me search myself and question if I will ever see what I long for. Am I really ready to lose my life and to stake my very existence in faith of what I can’t see with my eyes? I say yes. By His grace alone I will press on.

Please pray with me and for me. I would be grossly mistaken to think I can do anything on my own. We are part of the same body, His body and we cry out together for Jesus to return. I don’t want to live to better myself, I desire to live with the whole body of Christ in mind with every decision and action because I believe that’s where His focus is.

-Please pray that I will be led clearly by His Spirit as I make decisions

-Please pray that it will continue to become clearer and clearer to me how to live out what’s in my heart

– and that what God is doing in me would go so much deeper and that it would spread to everyone I encounter

Ps. I put a link on here today, it’s up top in the support tab, for anyone interested in supporting me financially in any way.  It’s through paypal right now, but I’m setting up an account with Iris. Thank you so much, you who have been faithfully praying and supporting me! I know it’s greatly due to you that I’m standing here today and I’m grateful that it’s by your side that I will continue running this race.

Love you guys!

In The Belly of A Miracle

I’m writing to you this afternoon as i sit in the midst of a miracle; our new missions base! Yes, one day before our deadline to be out of our last base, God provided! We didn’t have the means or the place, but He made the way. Thank You Father! And thank you guys for praying and believing with us! This house is such a blessing. It’s bigger, cheaper, and all around better for everything we are believing to see happen here. I live in hope and faith that this is just a tiny taste of what we will see Jesus do in this generation as we make ready for His return. We are in a time of rejoicing and celebrating in His provision here in Fortaleza while at the same time longing and dreaming of what He has ahead.

Our focus for the past month or so has been moving, but the dusty workload is settling down and we are returning our focus to the darkest places we can find. Just a couple blocks from our house is the main red light district in the city. Prostitution is rampant here. The culture is drenched to the core with sensuality. And Fortaleza is a destination spot for child prostitution. We are excited to be on the frontline of this stronghold. I’m excited to see God move without measure here.

Another place dear to our heart is Oitão Preto, a big slum that has been ravaged by the Devil. It’s currently the heartbeat of drug trafficking in the Fortaleza, but we are believing and crying out for God to transform the slum into a birth place of revival for the city. We are already seeing the beginning of this. Last Wednesday night, a lady named Marley was completely blind in one eye and she got totally healed and gave her life to Jesus. Another lady named Rosa was completely possessed by demons, but Jesus set her free and she gave her life to Him. Many other are getting healed, set free, and giving their lives to Jesus. He is giving the people there so much hunger for Jesus. So we want to lean into what He is doing and cry out for revival as we make ourselves available for whatever Holy Spirit leads.

In the midst of all this, I’m learning so much. It’s an extremely steep learning and growing curve, but I’m just trying to hang on to Jesus and give my all. I’m know I’m making lots of mistakes along the way, but I take everything as it comes and humble myself at His feet and ask for grace to go deeper. With two words I can give you a good idea of what Holy Spirit has been teaching me: humility and abide. God is breaking, shaping, and moulding me in His hands as He refines and sanctifies me. He is so good. As it becomes more clear to me what He is doing I’ll be sure to tell you 🙂 For now though, your prayers to Him on my behalf are invaluable to me.

-Please pray that He will continue to have His way in me and that I would learn fully everything He is teaching me about, abiding, humility, how to hear His voice clearer

-That Jesus will fill us up as we go into this city. We are absolutely dependent on Him on every level. Pray that we stay dependent and that would see with His eyes, and move in rhythm with His heart in every single thing we do.

Love you guys!